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What our clients say

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How we help you

Sometimes your needs are not straightforward.  

You may need additional advice in different areas of your affairs.

We have access to a network of specialists and experts, so we can get you the support you and your business need.

Whether that be:

  • Will writing 
  • Tax advice 
  • Legal advice 
  • Portfolio management 
  • Specialist insurance 
  • Corporate lending 

Philanthropy and charitable giving

St. James’s Place and the Charitable Aid Foundation (CAF) offer advisory services to support your philanthropic goals, whether you are just starting out or have given money in the past.  

However much you want to give, you can rest easy knowing that 100% of the money you give will go to the charities we support.

Wills and powers of attorney

Wills are often an under looked part of your overall financial planning position, but one that is essential.

Should something happen it’s good to know that your loved ones are looked after and that your wishes are carried out.


Long-term care

St. James’s Place have a relationship with a company called Care Sourcer who can provide bespoke care.

Care Sourcer are experts in retirements homes and helping in long term care.

Simply put, we make sure that when you need the most help you get it.

The products and services offered from other providers have been carefully selected to complement and enhance the range of St. James’s Place products on offer. 

The products and services offered from other providers are separate and distinct to those offered by St. James’s Place. 

Will writing and Powers of Attorney are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. 

We make financial planning simple to understand

We organise a no-obligation initial meeting

We find out about you and what you want to achieve - as well as gain a good understanding of your current position and explain a little more about us.

We go away and work on your problem

Financial planning requires consideration as we need to look at all the opportunities available. Typically, this takes us a couple of weeks but if it is complicated it may take us longer.

We come back and present our ideas to you

We take our ideas and explain the options; the pros, the cons and the costs. We make it simple to understand and then you decide what you want to do.

We work towards making your plan a reality

Once you have agreed to our plan, we work to make it happen. We then review and monitor everything with regular meetings to ensure you continue to receive the advice you need.